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The Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK) is a charitable non-governmental organization established in 1958 that improves the quality of lives of persons with disabilities using the Rights Based Approach for social inclusion and poverty reduction.

APDK directly benefits over 500,000 children and adults with disabilities through its network of 4 Regional Hubs serving 37 counties in Kenya. This is made possible through support from the donor community, well-wishers and government line ministries that include Ministry of Health, Education, Labour and Social Protection.

With currently over 400 employees, trainees and Government attached personnel, APDK provides life changing support to persons with disability from the poorest families with a focus on children in rural and slum areas.

APDK has structured its activities and interventions using the WHO Community Based Rehabilitation Strategy (CBR) in order to address issues affecting rights of persons with disability.  The CBR Strategy is a matrix that focuses on five components namely; Heath, Education, Livelihood, Social and Empowerment. Through the CBR Strategy, APDK is works towards;

  1. Promoting access to rehabilitation services as close as possible through community programs that include Community Based Rehabilitation and Mobile Outreach plus programs.
  2. Promoting attainment of maximum independence through manufacturing, fabrication, provision of Quality assistive and mobility devices (orthopedic and wheelchair pages)
  3. Promoting inclusive education through training the community on disability, environmental and social barriers that hinder children with different abilities from attaining their maximum potential.
  4. Empowering persons with disabilities and parents of children with disabilities through training them on entrepreneurship while advocating for formal employment in the private sector and in internally.