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Promoting right to independence through provision of appropriate wheelchairs

According to World Health Organization (WHO) an estimated 1% of the world’s population need a wheelchair. In Kenya, it is estimated that over 200,000 people require a wheelchair. A Wheelchair is the most commonly used assistive device for enhancing personal mobility for persons with disabilities.

To many people with disability a wheelchair is a precondition for exercising human rights and equal participation in society. Every year Kenya provides approximately 5,000 wheelchairs through direct purchase from the shop while others through services provision by Health facilities, government agencies like National Council for Persons with Disabilities and non-Governmental organizations like Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya (APDK).

What is an appropriate wheelchair?

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A wheelchair is appropriate when it meets the user’s needs and environmental conditions, provides proper fit and postural support, is safe and durable, is available in the country and can be obtained, maintained and services sustained in the country at an affordable cost. The provision of wheelchairs must follow the wheelchair 8 steps service delivery that is referral and appointment, assessment, prescription (selection), funding and ordering, product preparation, fitting user training, Follow-up, maintenance and repairs.

APDK’s provision appropriate wheelchairs

APDK offers appropriate wheelchairs services using the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. Every wheelchair user is assessed before prescription of an appropriate wheelchair taking into consideration his/her medical condition and environment terrain to prevent secondary disability. Our appropriate wheelchairs are well-designed and tailor-made not only for mobility enhancement, but to enable the user to engage in economic activities and enjoy their social life.

Our locally fabricated wheelchairs, tricycles and special seating are made using local materials mainly steel that can be easily repaired by local artisans and suitable for our terrain.

Training on appropriate wheelchairs

APDK trains paramedics on wheelchair assessment and prescription to ensure that wheelchair users receive appropriate wheelchair that are fitting and suitable for their posture. We also train local artisan on maintenance of the appropriate wheelchairs

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