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The plan identifies the following Five Strategic Directions to drive the organization forward for the planned period 2017 -2020

Strategic Goal:

Promote an inclusive society where persons with different abilities access affordable quality rehabilitation services and become self-reliant.

The Strategic Framework

The plan identifies the following Five Strategic Directions to drive the organization forward for the planned period 2017 -2020

  1. Strengthening existing and development of new rehabilitation healthcare  programs
  2. Institutional strengthening and development
  3. Develop sustainable revenue generation and resource mobilization
  4. Learning, communication and information sharing
  5. Strengthen partnerships and collaboration

The organization’s objectives are;

  • To provide affordable quality rehabilitation services to Persons with Disability (PWD)
  • To Empower Persons with Disabilities economically and socially so that they become self-reliant and fully integrated members of the society;
  • To strengthen sustainability of the organization’s programmes to meet its mandate
  • To promote inclusion of Persons with Disability in all aspects of development
  • To strengthen networking and collaboration with relevant stakeholders for holistic services
  • To strengthen staff capacity and welfare for quality services provision
  • To improve organization’s systems and policies

1st lady at the exhibition during APDK Strategic Plan Launch

The first lady with the presenters during the Strategic Launch


Programme Objectives:

  • To create awareness on causes, prevention and management of various disabilities with the aim of reducing prevalence and overcome prejudices and traditional beliefs towards persons with disabilities.
  • To promote quality rehabilitation services through medical rehabilitation and social rehabilitation
  • To develop low-cost supportive appliances through appropriate technology to meet the needs of persons with disability especially in the rural community.
  • To network with the Government and other service providers for persons with disabilities with the aim of coordinating activities to avoid duplication of services.
  • To promote formation of grassroots groups of persons with disabilities with the aim of increasing their self-confidence to achieve full participation in their communities and attain equal rights.
  • To alleviate poverty through economic empowerment of persons with disabilities and their families
  • To promote maternal health through early identification and intervention

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