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He was diagnosed as a sicklier in childhood. He had sudden sickness which affected the right limb four years ago.He was taken to Siaya County referral hospital for medication. He was diagnosed with the Osteomyelitis and was given medication and discharged home.

Name: Stephen Onyango

Age: 16yrs

Residence: Kalenjuok Near Unyolo Primary School

Contacts: 0710575805 C/O Mother: Helida Atieno

Patient History

  • Later the condition worsened which presented with oozing of pus on the thigh region.
  • Amputation was suggested and was taken to Tenwek for amputation.
  • After the amputation, we have been doing follow up through mobile clinic and sopc at special clinic in our facility.
  • The client have benefited from our post operative management and counseling at Tumaini rehabilitation (orthopaedic department)
  • Due to financial challenges, the parents were not able to meet the cost of the prosthesis which we had already prescribed.
  • As a mode of mobility, he has   been using crutches.


  • The client comes from a family of four being the first born.
  • The children in the family are known sickler.
  • The mother is a peasant farmer and the father is in Mombasa doing construction work.
  • The mother have praying and believing that a miracle will happen for son to get a prosthesis.

On Examination

  • The slimp flabby
  • Short stump
  • No bone prominence
  • Good mm power


  • Above Knee Prosthesis


  • For Above Knee Prosthesis
  • For a pair of elbow crutches

Stephen was very happy when we contacted him for measurement taking of prosthesis.

He said that the prosthesis will  help him reach school with ease which more than a kilometre away, carry out activities of daily living , and even playing  with his friends.

The photos below shows key processes of fabricating his prosthesis.


Figure 8; measurement taking for the prosthesis

Figure 9; cast taking


Figure 10; lamination process


Figure 11; fitting and gait training
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  • Ronald komora Okode

    My son a gown up man of thirty four years and married with two kids had been sickling for over ten years, and had been on medication all those years.
    The medication he had been taking has rendered him weak he can not tend to his family well forcing us to provide for them food and clothings.
    On 2019 September he fell down and Brock his leg rendering him lame ,and to the medication he had been taking his shakes most of the time.
    I am requesting if he can be permitted to join the program of apdk.
    Ronald komora Okode
    His father. 0726591980

    • APDK Admin

      Dear Ronald

      please let us know where you is located. he should register with National council for Persons with Disabilities(NCPWD), check with the gender officers near your area they will direct you to NCPWD office


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