Our physiotherapy departments help to restore, maintain and improve clients’ mobility, function and wellbeing by reducing pain and preventing further injury using exercise therapy, electro-therapy, and manual therapy.



  • Reduction in pain.
  • Assist your child to achieve developmental delayed milestones
  • Rehabilitation to a near normal position
  • Correct your posture and gait.
  • assist you to find ways of coping with the effects of disability
  • Assist you maintain functional ability of the muscles.
  • identifying tasks people find difficult to carry out
  • Prevent contractures and improve joint range of motion.
  • Assist you to improve the quality of your life at home, at work, or in schools
  • Educate you, your child, and your guardians on the importance of physiotherapy.
  • Psychosocial support
Conditions we treat;
·         Lower back pains ·         Ambulation ·         Hemiplegia/stroke
·         Spinal/back pains ·         Arthritis ·         Fracture complications
·         Sports injuries ·         General body weakness ·         Delayed milestone
·         Downs Syndrome ·         Congenial club foot ·         Cerebral palsy
·         Osteomyelitis ·         Post burs contractions ·         Hydrocephalus
·         Spina bifida ·         Autism ·         Scoliosis
·         Ricket; Bow legs/knock             knee ·         Attention deficit ·         Hyperactive Disorder                (ADHD)

A) For Exercise Therapy we use;

  • Treadmills
  • Static Monark cycle
  • Pulleys
  • Paralle bars
  • Exercise mats
  • Wall bars
  • Multi-gym exercises

B) Electrotherapy

Our treatment involves the use of modern technology machines such;

  • infra-red
  • ultra-sound
  • electrical stimulation
  • wax bath therapy
  • provision and fitting of orthopedic appliances such as corsets, collars, knee/ankle/foot support, teed socking (anti-embolic stockings)

C) Manual Therapy

We offer special manipulative techniques commonly known as “hands-on” to relieve pain, and pressure and relax tense soft tissues.

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