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APDK encourages and facilitates the formation of grass root groups of people with disabilities and parents of disabled children. The objective of the groups is to create forums for awareness creation, sensitization, education, training, advocacy, social integration and economic empowerment.

APDK offers the following services for the establishment of livelihood groups:

  • Through its network of mobile clinics and CBR programmes in Kenya, APDK facilitates the formation of interest groups of people with disabilities
  • APDK provides the legal framework, expertise, management and institutional capacity for the e
  • APDK provide manpower for training of group members, advice, monitoring and evaluation services to the groups.
  • APDK offers accounting and banking services for the groups but intends to mainstream the same by partnering with a microfinance /banking institution.
  • Wherever possible, APDK provides a revolving fund to increase the loan capacity of the group.