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Jayden at the age of 4 days on assessment

Jayden Maina was first attended to at APDK on 08/07/2014 when he was brought to clinic by the mother at 4 days age. The foot deformity was identified by the nurses after delivery and they were referred to APDK assessment and treatment.

On assessment, He was diagnosed with Bilateral clubfoot deformity and the Ponseti method of treatment was prescribed which entails manipulations, serial casting, Tenetomy and use of foot abductor braces.

Jayden during the serial casting procedure at the clinic

The ponseti method of treatment, is a process which runs from the day the condition is identified to the age 5 years when there will be minimum tendency of recurrence.

The serial casting was done for 8 weeks then the tenetomy procedure was done to release the Achilles tendon then the foot abductor braces were given. Initially the braces usage was 23 hours for the first three months then later it was reduced 12 hour to allow the boy to achieve the regular milestones.


Jayden during the Tenetomy procedure

During the bracing period. J was first reviewed after three weeks then the follow up review appointments were done on monthly basis to ensure the brace compliance. Proper use of the braces ensured that the feet were maintained in the corrected position.

Jayden was discharged at the age of 4 years when he had achieved all the developmental milestones and had shown no signs of recurrence.

Jayden celebrating his fourth birthday at the clinic

Currently Jayden is in school and the mother is happily at work and the same time pursuing her further studies.

Occasionally, Jayden mother is involved in counselling other parents at the clinic especially those who have not accepted the condition.

Jayden and the mother giving a maiden speech on the discharge day

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