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Impact Stories

Samuel Oundo was identified by the orthopaedic technologist during a major ward round at Siaya county referral hospital where he was admitted. He got amputated after being diagnosed with Diabetes.

In the inception of the community based rehabilitation approaches many programmes focused more on the rehabilitation of the children with special needs and persons with disabilities as an alternative rehabilitation health approach away from the institutions and the focus was mainly within the affected families

Agness Katunge is the first born in a family of five siblings. Agnes was identified by the APDK CBR staff during the door to door survey at the age of 3years, assessment was done and therapy started and the mother and the other family members were trained on how to do simple therapy to the child while at home. Later, the child was enrolled at The Star of Hope Daycare centre for school preparation and mainstreaming. After two years she was admitted at St Mary’s Mbiuni for her primary school education.                                                                                                 


Impact 2017




DIAGNOSIS: Mentally handicapped(MH)



RESIDENCE: LUNGA LUNGA                   



Jayden Maina was first attended to at APDK on 08/07/2014 when he was brought to clinic by the mother at  4 days age. The foot deformity was identified by the nurses after delivery and they were referred to APDK assessment and treatment .

Mukuru project area Lunga Lunga


Eustus Muthini was born on 27/04/1998 at Pumwani hospital in Nairobi County. The delivery was normal and the child weighed 2.8kgs.The labor pain lasted for six hours. Generally Eustus was healthy and fully attained all the developmental milestones from head control to walking.

Michael Abaki - Age:  2yrs 10months

  • He is a two year and ten months child residing at kathomo village.
  • He is the first born and the only child in a family, he stays with a grandmother who is a peasant farmer but her mother works far away from home.

  • He is a four year old child residing in barding village, north alego location in Siaya County.
  • The father works in Nairobi as a soldier (army) and the mother is a house wife.

Name: Stephen Onyango

Age: 16yrs

Residence: Kalenjuok Near Unyolo Primary School

Contacts: 0710575805 C/O Mother: Helida Atieno

Age: 64years

Residence: Ambira Nyagan village near Ngunya primary school

Contacts: 0713878100

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