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In the middle of 1950s after the end of the state the emergency in Kenya, there were many persons with disabilities. Some were maimed during the Lari Massacre while other were affected by poliomyelitis and they all needed help as they had resorted to begging. Sir Derek Arsine, Mr. Humphrey Slade and Hon. Dr.  A.A.  Moody Awori, were appalled at their living conditions, they join forces to improve the quality of life by  assisting  them set up a Car Wash business.

Later, the trio thought of helping them get a long term solution through training them in some trade. To do this, the trio needed a vehicle to assistance persons with disabilities engage in various trades. Hence in 1958, APDK was established and with the assistance from a lady in Kenya Red Cross acquired a center to offer training in various trade such as shoe making.  Today the center is referred to as Industrial Rehabilitation Centre and was handed over to the Kenya government in 1971. 

In the 1962, following a desire by the Federation of Social Services, APDK set up a Children’s Orthopedic Clinic on Bohra Road, the present Lagos Road and offered rehabilitation services to children with disabilities.

The would later lead to APDK traversing the entire nation, creation awareness and managing poliomyelitis (POLIO) through offering surgical interventions, physiotherapy, provision of assistive devices and mobility aids through its Outreach Mobile Clinics that were set up in the entire country. 

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