Inclusive Education

Our main goal is promote school inclusion, facilitate access to education and lifelong learning for people with disabilities. This include;

  • Early Childhood intervention
  • Advocate for school inclusion through integration of Children with disabilities into the regular school system
  • Referrals of Children with disabilities to special Schools from primary, secondary and tertiary
  • Provision of lifelong learning activities for the severely disabled persons
  • Localized assessment of children with disabilities
  • Placement of children with disabilities in different learning institutions
  • Establishment of special units in regular schools
  • Training of teachers, parents and BOM on disability and inclusion
  • continuing education for children recuperating from surgery our Coast Branch Rehab. clinic

APDK operates two Day Care Centers and capacity buildings other Day Care Centers. The Day Care Centers serve as stepping stones for children with disability to be mainstreamed into regular schools. The centers are located in Nairobi Mukuru Kwa Njenga slum and Bombolulu Arts and Cultural and Mombasa.