Promoting Early Identification and Intervention Of Disability

APDK uses a multi-disciplinary approach method in its service delivery, whose target are children and persons with disability.  APDK depends on financial support from development partners, corporates and well-wishers to offer its wide range of services aimed at transforming lives of children with disabilities.

APDK supports early identification and intervention to minimize and prevent disabilities among children through promoting improved maternal health care .

APDK in collaboration with CBM and CCBRT, Ministry of Health, conducted a joint program supported by EU.  The consortium launched 4 books for Kenya Health Workers Manuals and a guidebook on disabilities list below. Click each booklet to read more.

In the CCBR programs, APDK works closely with the existing health center, community health volunteers, the administration, stakeholders, the community, disabled persons organization and the parents of children with disabilities in raising awareness on disability

Some of the conditions treated at APDK are due to birth injury. Birth injuries damage a baby’s brain and/or body eg. Cerebral palsy. For more information on birth injuries click here