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APDK in collaboration with various developmental partners’ and the government joined the world in assisting vulnerable Kenyans in adhering to the Health Guidelines to curb the spread of Covid 19. CBM supported us in developing videos creating awareness on wheelchairs and mobility aids sanitization.  Through the School Health Program, APDK sensitized 130 teachers on Covid 19 prevention and spread in preparation for school re-opening after the closure of school due to the Pandemic. Other programs included;

a)      “Tiba ni sisi”  a slogan of Safe Hands Kenya (SHK)


APDK works closely with the government’s Ministries of Health, Education, Labour and Social Services in their provision of these rehabilitative services. Providing Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation services to .

APDK with support from Safe Hands Kenya (SHK), a coalition of different stakeholders in the private sector under the slogan “TIBA NI SISI” supported 2,655 households for persons with disability and public facilities with * 50,000 re-usable masks * 31 Hand washing stations  * 1600 bar soaps  * water tanks points.

b)  Water and Sanitation for Urban poor (WSUP)

APDK with support from Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO) carried out the Water and Sanitation for Urban Poor (WSUP) program. The program supported persons with disability to mitigate the COVID-19 effect in the informal settlement areas of Nairobi Sub County. APDK received and distribute the following items;

  • 500 litres of sanitizers packed in 20 litres, 1 litre,500ml,200ml and 50ml
  • 10 packets of surgical masks
  • 200 pieces of re-usable masks
  • 20 boxes of Geisha soaps

c)       WASH First

APDK collaborated with Dutch Organization (SNV) in carrying out a joint survey called WASH First for Covid 19 protocol compliance in Nakuru East Constituency. The survey advocated for institutions to make washing areas disability friendly and identified of PWDs who had been adversely affected by the Covid 19 pandemic.  APDK jointly with Ministry of Health in Nakuru, carried out sensitization campaigns on Covid-19 preventive measures in the community

d)       Tele- Counselling Training for Gender Based Violence intervention

During the lockdowns, we witnessed an increase in Gender Based Violence (GBV). APDK worked closely with the Council of Governors through UN Women Fund in providing psychosocial support through Tele-Counselling services to PWD who were undergoing gender-based violence during the pandemic.  Five of our branches namely Coast, Busia, Nakuru, Machakos and Kisii served as the regional station for the GBV tele-counselling Centers. The Program reached out to a total number of 69 persons through Tele-Counselling Services from July to December 2020. Most of the cases were solved amicably, few still attending counseling sessions.

e)       Branded Masks for ABSA Bank by APDK Bombolulu Workshops and Culture Centre

Our Bombolulu Workshops received an order from ABSA Bank to make 2000 masks within 2 months

We need your assistance in slowing down the spread of Covid 19 among persons with disabilities in the other counties and also in uplifting their livelihoods. Join APDK and Safe Hands Kenya today in reducing the spread of Covid 19. Send your gift to Paybill Number 991995 BUY GOODS or contact us on 0721224677/ 0721584699 or email us on

Your donation will help us to;

  • Slow the spread of Covid 19
  • Sensitize community on prevention measures of Covid 19
  • Ensure persons with disabilities have access to clean water through provision of water tanks
  • Ensure that persons with disabilities have access to masks and soap
  • Ensure persons with disabilities have access to rehabilitation services;
  • Ensure persons with disabilities have access to assistive devices wheelchairs, calipers, crutches, surgical boots
  • Ensure persons with disabilities have access to corrective surgery
  • Ensure full corrective of club foot

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