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Parents normally get devastated when they are told that their child has signs  of acquiring disabilities but with early identification , diagnosis and interventions ,  better outcomes  are achieved  and its  more cost effective ‘ Orthopaedic Technologist Siaya

Ken Wayne Owino is the 3rd born in a family of three children.  Born on the 5th of September, 2016 at Siaya county referral hospital. Both his parents are peasant farmers who hail from Nyangoma Kogelo village of Alego Usonga Sub-county of Siaya County.

Medical history:  He was discharged from maternity on the 4th day after birth and referred to the orthopaedic technology department of APDK Tumaini Rehabilitation Centre, Siaya Branch. After review by the orthopaedic technologist, he was diagnosed with bilateral idiopathic clubfoot with a pirany score of 2ft/5.5. He was enrolled in the club foot treatment clinic at the facility and weekly serial casting started after the 9th day after birth. Weekly above-knee Plaster of Paris cast was applied for the first four weeks with pirany score achievement of 1.0 (Rigidity of Equinus =0.5 and Empty Heal = 0.5). At this point, a minor surgery was conducted to release the shortened/ tightened Achilles tendon on both feet to bring down the pirany score to 0.0 and thereafter followed by 4 weeks continuous casting with plaster of paris.  The child was introduced to Steenbeek foot abduction brace with instructions for day and night use 23/24 hours a day.



The prognosis has been fantastic though with initial complaints from the mother i.e. crying on the first two days of serial casting and first two days of foot abduction use. Currently, the child visits accompanied by the parent on intervals of 5-6 weeks basis. After 3 ½ months of FAB use, the child graduated to night use only. Good feet plantigrades have been achieved so far.

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