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DIAGNOSIS: Mentally handicapped (MH)


She was born at full term through normal delivery at Pumwani Maternity, but the mother was only 13yrs and her birth canal was not well developed resulting into a difficult delivery that caused head injury which led to Mental Impairment.

Carolyne Wambui at 3 years

She started at the daycare at the age of three at that time she could not walk, had not achieved ADLs  and not developed speech .But she could follow simple instruction .The mother was cooperative which really helped the child’s development   eg bringing child at daycare availing herself from home based therapy .When she came to the daycare we had to start on training ADLs eg toileting, feeding, social interaction and basic class activities. She showed a lot of improvement had achieved waking toileting feeding but when she left at the age of 8yrs she had achieved most of them. She then joined Waithaka special but she also gained a lot and was put in pre vocation class after four years she joined Variety Village at Thika vocational training and she has done beard work, mat marking and table cloth making.


Carolyne Wambui  demonstrating her knitting skills at the vocational centre.

Currently she is able to knit with very minimum assistance hence she will be graduating soon to go and start her project. With the project she will be able to generate income.

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